Who is Natalie, The Digital Ninja?


In short – I’m a digital fanatic, star struck by binary code since 1996.

For over 10 years I have worked as a Project Manager for leading Australian agencies and companies. I have been responsible for managing client relationships, stakeholders, and resources to deliver a variety of projects (such as marketing campaigns, CRM and CMS systems, events, start-up’s etc) for clients such as Ningaloo Reef Dive, Technology ParkCarAdvice.comThermomixSamson and Delilah Hair Body FaceEar Science Institute and more.

Creative: I create pretty pictures and words for printed material (like business cards and magazines), for the web (banners and logos for example) and the streets (like public art, posters and signs).

Project Director: I know how to kick-off projects in the right way, and see them through to completion. These projects can be anything from a year-long marketing strategy, to product management, or the development of a website.

Online Marketer: Once these pretty things are created for you, we need eyeballs. Search engine optimisation and marketing (being shown in a google search for example), social media marketing (like creating Facebook posts), and remarketing (‘reminder’ ads that pop up) is what drives these eyeballs to you. Then we use conversion optimisation to grab a lead or help them make a purchase (think mind reading and hypnotising…no, not really).




WA Web Awards – Finalist | 2010
Webfirm Achievement of the Year Award | 2009
Australian Web Awards – Finalist | 2009
Webfirm Site of The Year (People’s Choice) |2009
WA Web Awards Finalist | 2008
Webfirm Excellence in Production Award | 2007

Formal Qualifications


Diploma of Project Management
Google Partner, Certified Adwords & Analytics
Certificate IV of Graphic Design, and Web Design
Certificate III of Business and Office Management, and Information Technology (Software, Hardware & Networking)

Bonus Round


Product Management + Team Management + Data Analysis + Reporting + Content Management + Business Development + Record and Database Management + UX + IA + Events + CMS and Intranet Development + Recruitment + Training + more


Being an independent freelancer, I am selective in the projects I undertake. I engage only with a limited number of companies at any given time, which means I can personally guarantee you both the quality and depth of service you would receive from me would be above and beyond that which a larger agency can deliver.

While commercial agencies deal with large numbers of customers simultaneously, they can not provide the customised, personalised and attentive service that I do, resulting in, in my opinion, lower customer satisfaction and overall results than that which I consistently produce.

When you team up with me, you also team up with a select few service providers who excel in their fields and have the industry awards to prove it.

My over-arching business goals in all projects I undertake are to:

  • Deliver quality online marketing strategies and support, which benefit businesses beyond merely establishing an online presence
  • Build and maintain long-term partnerships that enable me to see the project through to completion and beyond
  • Collecting and analysing data, enabling improvements to be implemented according to the data, achieving positive results.
  • Brand Strategy 80%
  • Internet Marketing 60%
  • App Development 50%
  • Customer Happiness 90%

Need to know more?


I am an organised, self-motivated, self-disciplined, pro-active and deadline driven individual. Working as a Digital Project Director in one of Australia’s largest media agencies, as well as consulting and contracting in a solo office environment over the past 6 years has enabled me to hone these skills and also ensure my productivity, attention to detail and dedication to quality assurance are second to none.

I am comfortable with social isolation (the computer is my friend), yet I am also able to work well within a team or managing a team, both remotely and in person.

I, and my support network value honesty, trust, reliability and enthusiasm.

If this gel’s with you or you’re chasing more details (I will be happy to provide you with my complete Curriculum Vitae and Design Portfolio), I encourage you to get in touch.



Graphic Design


Brand Identity + Logo Design +Layout Design + Illustration + Typography + Iconography  + Photography + Book Cover Design + more

Web Design & Management


Custom Design + Content Management System + E-Commerce + Copywriting + Content Management + Website Hosting

Search & Social Marketing


Search Marketing + Search Engine Optimisation + Social Media Management + Marketing & Communications Strategy.